Saturday, January 10, 2009

Popsicles in Jan.????

Only if your child has 104.5 temperature!
Off to the emergency clinic we went!
Did a FLU culture.
Possible FLU!
Won't know for sure until culture comes back!
(We will all have it by then!)
Treating him as if he has the FLU!!!
Oh Boy!
Off to play Candyland!
I need a vacation!


Erica said...

Oh dear, I hope Peyton gets better and hope that the rest of you don't catch whatever it is!

The Three of Us said...

what?!?! what in the world. so sorry sister. praying for protection over the rest of you guys.

Hawaian Babe 2008 said...

hey i have updated my blogger but my cousin is getting so big

The 5 of Us said...

Well, he looks like he was having a good time being sick at least. He is sooooo dang cute. I want a popsicle. JK

teresa said...

Oh, Carrie! Hope Peyton gets better and you guys don't get it! Miss seeing you around!

ko said...

ahhh ihope he gets better! poor guy!

spanki said...

oh carrie, i am so sorry to hear that your new year has started with such a bang! well, looks like you are getting it all out of the way for the rest of the year!! hope things get better soon! maybe we need another breakfast date!