Saturday, January 24, 2009

My dream pantry....

Have you heard about all of the fruitcake women who are couponing???
You know....the ones who are couponing for a hobby????
They can't even call is shopping anymore because they are stocking up on FREE stuff???
Well, someone I know is a fruitcake!!! BUT, she is a smart fruitcake!!!! This is her pantry! She has a STORE in her house!!! This isn't even her closet that holds her toothpaste, tampons and deodorant!!! She has enough to last her afew YEARS!!!!! HELLO???? That's crazy!!!!
Know what?
I want to be crazy and insane just like her!!!
I have several friends who are doing this. They all have different ways of doing it. I'm taking all of the advice I can get and I'm trying to learn the system!
Do you coupon?
Do you have any special techniques you could share with me?
I registered on today and will start receiving weekly Kroger sale ads!
I'm buying my newspaper tomorrow and getting started!
XOXO, Couponing Carrie


Melissa said...

LOL can't believe you posted my pantry :) Glad you didn't give out my address I would have people knocking on the door wanting to shop! Gotta go, have to make a run to CVS for some free Pepsi and Chips I will need for my Super Bowl party. GO STEELERS! Melissa

Sandel said...

I can not wait to be stocked like that. Definitely would not have to run out for the next hurricane if you had that pantry.

Lacy said...

Melissa rocks! Denise told me about the pantry and couponing. I want to join in and have made room for a storeroom of my own! I need tips please.

Brandy said...

I've been thinking seriously about joining the did it one time, but didn't have the time to do it (it seems like lots of small trips to many stores) but Im going to start trying it again! Im ready to get free groceries too!!!

ko said...

I do coupon! :) Love it! :) You are cracking me up! I really did at first think that might be your pantry! :) Good luck! I hope you got lots of GREAT coupons yesterday!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Wonderful blog!!! I am working on my panrty to! Hubby just bought a screen door to put on that I have wanted for a couple years. I just bought all the fixings to, to make my own laundry soap! Wish me luck! Have you ever hear of MaryJane's I think you might enjoy this cute site. Loved my visit!


Lacy said...

Ok Carrie I would love to see you favorite things....that start with...lets say.....P

Deanna said...

Who is Melissa the mystery couponer?? I love her stockpile! I am soo jealous! She is what I aspire to!!