Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My favorite things that start with "P"!!!

Love, Love, Love Pedicures!!!!

Love my Peyton!!!!! (Love my Garet, but we are sticking with the P's!!!)

Paula Deen is one of my favorite people! She CRACKS me up!

This Southern girl LOVES some Peach cobbler!!!!

My Parents!!!! Dad, love and miss you soooo much!

Mom, you are the best!

Prayer!!!! I'm a believer and I believe in prayer!!!
God answers knee mail!!!
Seriously...he does!

Popcorn!!! Love popcorn...especially movie popcorn!

A Pair of PJ's!!!
Those of you who know me well know that I seriously love my pj's!!!
I'm going to hate going back to work someday...I'll have to get dressed!
A Pot of coffee!
I can't drink it like this guy. I MUST have lots of creamer, but we are sticking with P's!!!!

PEACE!!!!!!Love this word! Love the peace that only Christ can give!!!!

I visited Lacy over at A Sparkle and A Smile yesterday and loved her 10 things that started with the letter G! I told her I wanted to play the Letter Game with her and she gave me the letter P!!! Don't you just love playing games and getting to know your bloggy friends better!!!

So....who is going to play with me?????

Please, Please, Purty Please with a cherry on top!!!!


Brandy said...

I will play! Throw a letter my way! (i didnt mean for that to rhyme!)

Sandel said...

How do you play and I will.

Hayley and Nathan said...

I want to join the fun! Give me a good one.

Erica said...

I wanna play! Give me a letter!

Lacy said...

Yours was so great Carrie. Good Job and I loved reading them!

Anonymous said...

Love you sweetheart Kiss my