Monday, November 17, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend!

It was a great, fun, busy weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous!
It was like 10 below 0 and the wind was blowing 100 mph!!!
Our first cold front here in Texas!
Fri. night I went to another paint party while my boys camped out in a tent all night long!
They froze their patookies off, but had a great time!
I had the whole house to myself!
I had the warm bed all to myself!
I even got to sleep in until 8:30 with NO interruptions! Yahoo!
I got a well needed pedi... RED...for Christmas!!!
I drank lots of coffee with Pumpkin Spice creamer! Yummo!!!
We ate a BIG pot of chicken~n~dumplings! Made by my husband...even better!!!
Watched Alvin and the Chipmunks for the first time! My children have watched it
1,486,545 times!'s Rudolph!!!
JK...Auburn went hunting and got him a deer!

Well GOLLY Maw...That means we have sausage in the freezer! Yippeee!!!!
Hope you had a good weekend!
It sure was nice and cozy around here!


The Three of Us said...

I need one of those weekends. Good lookin' one Auburn!

Anonymous said...

thats a nice look for you bro. the horns, I thought only came out at night... by the way who shot that bambi.? see you in a week

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot, nice toes Auburn, did you do those in the stand....

Sada said...

Sounds just perfect!! I love the camping for the boys -- what great kid time. AND I LOVE the paint party boards. SOOOOOOOOO cute!

that poor buck :( I know, I know....deer start grinding down their teeth and will die of starvation any way...might as well kill them when they are healthy....

Sandel said...

It does sound like you had a wonderful weekend. I am so happy for your family that you have meat in your freezer once again.

Jill said...

I just want to know where Auburn hunts. I got up Sat. morning after the paint party and hunted and it was COLD!!--but no deer yet!!!

ko said...

ahhhh i am sad about the deer. Poor guy, some little doe is still crying because his papa is gone....i am glad that you have meat in your freezer, i have a one of our feed lot calfs in my freezer, but it is still so SAD! I love that color red!!! :) VERY PRETTY! I wish I could have come to do the other side of my board, but i couldn't!!! oh and ...we will GET A ROOM friday..hehehehehehehehheehehehe
i hope your day is WONDERFUL!!! :)

MamaBird said...

Sounds like a wonderful the pedi and the Christmas boards...AND you got a whole night to yourself....aaaahhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Better picture........that one looks like he was going down hill...........needed to be taken

Kyleigh said...

My son just got his first deer about a month ago! He was sooo excited! I have not had to buy meat yet!