Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Our Veterans...

Honoring the men and women who serve for my freedom!
Thank you!
I almost forgot...yesterday was the Marine Corp Birthday! This is one day that won't go unnoticed around the Rose home! It ranks right on up there with Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter for Auburn! He was receiving text messages at 5:00AM from Marine buddies! They don't always remember each other's birthdays, but the phone is ringing on this day!


Auburn's brother, Matthew, was just deployed to Iraq for his fourth tour! We have NOT forgotten you Matt! We pray for your safety everyday! In fact, you were the topic of conversation around the dinner table tonight! We love you! Thank you for fighting for our freedom!

Freedom is not Free
by Ashley Persyn

There is a price we pay for freedom
For it is not truly free
But rather paid for by the contributions of veterans
To buy our liberty

As their blood drains from their body and runs like a river through the grass
Over the years it's forgotten, war is placed in our past
I don't think we all realize the importance veterans play
as they voluntarily serve America each and every day

We should honor the veterans for they act like a shield
Protecting us from danger, keeping America healed.
So if you would take a second to commemorate
You will instantly see
We owe veterans our gratitude
For they are the reason we are free.


Sandel said...

yes, we take our freedom so for granted. We will pray for Matthew, as well as the other soldiers that put their lives on the line for us.

Lacy said...

Thanks for not letting these words go unforgotten today. I do not thank God enough for our freedom.

ko said...

Wow! 4 times, I cant even imagine what Matthew has seen!! I know we really do take our freedom for granted. Sergio right now is in a northern part of Brazil, he says it is one of the saddest places he has ever seen. Such poverty. WE are so blessed. SO many to honor this day and EVERY day!
I hope your week is going well!

The 5 of Us said...

Thanks for the blog. Please keep Matt in your prayers. He has been shipped back to Kuwait because of a back injury. They are not sure what they are going to do now. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

hey Auburn I didn't forget... I was just out of town and away from the computer, and phone... THANKS to you and MATT.. I Love you guys and we GREATLY appreciate all you have done for the country. Both of you are great examples as fathers and uncles and everyday people.
THANKS AGAIN. I can't wait to see you Thanksgiing...We SALUTE ALL OUR VETERNS THANKS.


pa pa said...

Auburn.....thanks for serving. Express also to Matt there are those who are grateful...love dad kiss my boys.........