Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Bunch of TURKEYS!!!

Gathering around for the annual TURKEY TROT!!! This is an annual race at the Intermediate School! A race for fitness! The race is a little over a mile!
Nearing the finish line, Dad was yelling..."Don't let that girl beat you BOY!!!"
What a TURKEY!!!
My TURKEY said, "I truly think I'm dying! Just stick a fork in me...I'm done!"
Garet beat his time from last year by 17 seconds!
A little coaching from marathon runner...DAD!!!
I personally think marathon running in for the BIRDS!!!

Some yummy school TURKEY!!!
( I would rather eat this than run a marathon!)


Look at these CUTE TURKEYS!!!

All of our sweet friends are at the top of our Thanksgiving list!!! We are so grateful for all of the special people in our lives! We hope that you are enjoying all of this beautiful FALL weather and thinking about how BLESSED you really are!
Gobble! Gobble!


Lacy said...

Sweet post Carrie! I am off to feast on that food in a few minutes.:)

ko said...

WAY TO GO GARET!!! :) I remember the school thanksgiving feat wasn't to shabby last year!! :)

teresa said...

Love those turkEYS and you too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy !!!!! Great Job 17 seconds thats OK Papa's proud of you as always.( Did the girl beat you......see you soon Love papa

Sada said...

angels!!! beautiful boys!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

you have some cute turkeys there, miss C! shame on Auburn for goading him with the girl thing...i'll have to beat him up! ha ha