Monday, September 1, 2008

We have and sound!

This weekend we visited Leakey...not Leekey!
This is the adorable cabin that we stayed in this weekend! Mountains in the front, river in the back! The Phillips are lifelong friends that we have had forever and they have a beautiful place!

We had a great trip!!! Here is some of what we did.....

We played in the river rocks!

We ate really good!!!! Daddy~O is the cook at the fire station and boy does he know how to cook!
We swung from rope swings!!!! This one hurt! Garet got his foot caught in the rope!
We sat in the Frio river and chilled....for real!!!!
We gatored!

We hiked!
Which was my idea and I was DYING two minutes into our nice hike! True story! This Mama took every short cut sign I could find up this mountain!

At last....a view from the top! Funny story~ We used to climb Old Baldy when I was growing up and I wanted the boys to experience it! We got to the top and I realized we climbed the wrong mountain! So we had to wave at OLD BALDY!!! Next trip Old Baldy! This Mama can't take anymore!
We kayaked!

We caved!

We floated!

We played in waterfalls!

We just had a good ole time!!!

Last night we visited the bat caves in Concan, Tx. These are the second largest bat caves in Tx. ~ 10 million bats!!!!! I have NEVER seen anything like this before in my life! We were on an isolated ranch, up on a hill and around 7:30 millions of bats start coming out of a cave and filling the sky! They are flying right over our heads! You can hear their wings flappin and they stink!!! It takes them 5 hours to file out of the cave and they return at 5:30 in the morning! The cave is a mile long! WEIRD, but very interesting!

There were BATS.......


And more bats!!!!
They filled the sky! Millions and millions of them!
It was kinda....BATTY!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for a great weekend Daddy~O and Mam~O!!! Love ya!

Can't wait to cetch up with all of you tomorrow! Hope you had a lovely Labor Day!

I will announce my 100 post winner tomorrow! Good night!


The Three of Us said...

Good times, good times! Boo-hoo, we missed it! Next time let's plan ahead. You got Mom in a swimsuit and everything. Impressed Mom! Looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves. p.s. What did we tell you about those pics siter.................

ko said...

what great pics!! :) Beautiful scenery! Gods creation Amazes me!!! I looks like you guys had so much fun!

The Three of Us said...

oops, that was suppose to say sister not siter

Sandel said...

Join my challenge, check my page.

Looks like FUN

Lacy said...

Looks like a picture perfect gettaway!!!

spanki said...

i was so worried things were going to get bad w/ the storm and ya'll would not make it back. i am so glad that you had a well deserved relaxing mini-vaca.

Jana Corley said...

It looks like y'all had so much fun!!!!! I'm glad you made it back safely!

sara's art house said...

Fun pictures! Love the polka-dot flip flops!

MamaBird said...

Glad you made it home safely...looks like you all had a blast! I wish we could have seen the bats when we were there.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

don't think you left an activity unturned! what a great way to end the summer! check out denise's challenge. it's unique!

Cherie said...
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That looks like an awesome time. It is really pretty there. Glad you all got to go and enjoy yourselves.

Sada said...

You guys had SO much fun! That is awesome. How blessed you are to have great friends and family.

I LOVE the bats -- I've got to go see that! Too cool!