Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Lineman Husband....Gustov 2008~

Auburn just returned from La. It's kinda funny when your husband wants his pictures on the family blog! The guys had to raise their buckets at night so that no one would steal anything! That's sad!
The guys found all of these main poles DOWN! They were not on the coast. They were about 100 miles inland!

What goes up, must come down!

Row, Row, Row your boat ... pickin up some line!!! I know you probably can't tell what this pic is, but the guys are in a boat picking up down lines! PS...SNAKES everywhere!

Job complete! Three days worth of work!

"Man, I'm pooped!"

This is what La. thinks of Entergy!

The boys had three blowouts on the way home! I think someone jacked with their tires....maybe Entergy! Glad you guys are home and safe! Better get rested up for Ike!


carnellious said...

tell auburn not to drive those trucks like nascar cars..thanks for all your hard work in La. just cuz they don't have power doesn't mean they don't have speed limits... be safe this week...get you a rain suit..

big bro.

Hillary said...

Glad your hubby made it home safe!:)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

and another public service job, well done! hope he doesn't need to go out again in Ike's aftermath!

ko said...

I'm so glad Auburn made it home safe! Rebecca and I will be remebering to pray for him and you guys. I am sure he is so tierd, and you guys miss him a bunch!
That is so SAD about the stealing! WOW! Take CARE

Lacy said...

Your brother is hilarious!!!! I am a bit more worried by the mid south warnings of no power for a long time. I will run out... so Im coming to your house, after I hit Denise, Alice, Jill we all will come to our pioneer friend Carrie!!! Jill MAY be in a close running with you on the amount of groceries FOR NORMAL LIFE. She is one of those that is storm stocked all of the time. Gotta love her.

Sada said...

Praise God for men that can fix powerlines!! (this is a serious prayer) Lord help us with no electricity, be with the men that can restore it. AMEN

Thank you AUBURN!!

Alice said...

Ha!!!!I love the entergy suck sign that is hilarious considering our phone conversation this morning. I won't tell my Aunt!!!! Be careful!!!

Carrie said...

Alice...I know! I thought "OH LORD...My post may offend her!" Nothing personal Entergy and Alice! That's from La. ... not my family!

spanki said...

i am sorry to hear that auburn is gone again! i know how hard that can be! i am glad to see you were fine... heath and i did a drive by to check on your house not knowing whether he'd be there to help or not, but all looked fine! how did you fair?

The 5 of Us said...

Hoorah for lineman!!!!They are awesome.