Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm a proud Auntie!!!!

I received this CUTIE in the mail yesterday and just wanted to share him with you! Isn't he adorable and didn't his mommy do good on his sweet announcements?
I just love them!!!!


Lacy said...

That is the MOST precious!!!!! I love it and he is so cute. Congrats again.

ko said...

SOO SOO CUTE! AHHHH I bet you are so proud!
SO to answer your question about the fabrics. This one I am working on now that will be SO HUGE, I got the fabric I think mostly from WalMart. I LOOK on the $1 or $2 piles......the Christmas fabrics will obviously not be in there! then go to that cool basket they have scraps and you can always find ribbon on sale.......I use lots of ribbon too..that makes a big difference I think...... this HUGE one I am doing for my tree right now...I bought 2 yards of fabric....and it usually takes 1/4 yard.....for like the size of yours.....SO it was like $45 in ribbon and fabric....but I have been working on it 2 it will be worth much more!
SO GOOD LUCK! THink outside the box when picking your I threw some cheap burlap in and it looks GREAT!!!!!
Love ya! & LOVE THAT blog of MEGHANS.....I saw it on the news today and wanted to check it out, but didnt know how to get to it!

Hillary said...

What a precious little boy! I love his name!:) Those little boys named Cannon are pretty cute. Hope you are doing great. See you on Wednesday.