Friday, September 5, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

I'm so BAD about this "tagging" thing! I've been tagged afew times and I've never participated! Shame on ME!!! So, if you have tagged me and I never played along...this is for you! Thanks Teresa and Spanki for thinking of me! (Spanki...I think it was a MEME from you...does this count?)
So here are the Rules:
link back to the tagger, tag 6 more people and let them know they've been
tagged. And List 6 quirky things about here goes mine...
1. I hate moles... they CREEP me out!!!
2. I have a birthmark on my butt.... left cheek to be exact!
3. Someone I know has 3 nipples! Definitely not ME!!!! HEHE!!!
4. I don't mind doing laundry at all, but I tend to STUFF my washer!!! I overload! I don't have a fancy front end loader washer and I live in a little house on blocks. So...when I house shakes! So, if you are ever driving by and my house is's the laundry!
5. I'm not a night person and I'm not a morning person! What does that mean? I think that means I require my sleep!
6. My middle toe on my right foot is longer than my second toe!
7. I can't spell to save my life!
(Can some bloggin pro help me out? Sometimes my spaces stay in place and other times all of my post runs together. What is going on? It drives me nuts! What am I doing wrong?)
OK...I'm tagging:
1. Lisa ~ she's private. She will have to play with her friends!
4. Everyone else I know has been tagged....go to Sada, Denise, Lacey, Laci B., Teresa, Kyley, Spanki, Hillary, Karen. I think we have tagged everyone! Sorry if I left you out!
5. ?
6. Maybe Sara will play...Sara's Art House
7. All of the other people I stalk and leave comments for never comment back! What does that mean? And believe me...I stalk alot and leave alot of comments! Am I unapproachable?


sara's art house said...

OK I will play, I have been tagged for this one before and never done it, so I will try! Very funny about the moles, birthmarks, etc....!

Sada said...

you are so hilarious! I love the laundry over loading!!! Every time I'm in town I will pass to see if you are washin' and rockin'!!