Friday, June 25, 2010

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I simply can NOT believe that my child is turning 13!!! It just does NOT seem possible!!! We had an outside party planned yesterday, BUT it rained on our parade!!! Literally!!! Sooooo....We had to go with plan B just afew hrs. before the party! Nothing like planning a party in a very short amount of time, but we did it! We played, ate and had a PICTURE SCAVENGER HUNT!!! It was a bit CRAZY, but FUN!!!! Here is a list of ideas that we used and it will explain some of the pics!!! Thanks Lisa!!!

-pic driving backwards thru a drive thru while the employee is handing the item ordered to the passenger.
-pic of members sitting on a hay bale. extra points if all team members are in the pic
-find a statue. take pic of members copying the statue. extra points of all team members are in pic.
-pic of members on motorcycle. extra points if all members are on it.
-pic of members doing cart wheel in parking lot. extra points of all members are in pick
-pic of team member pumping a strangers gas
-pic of members on a fire truck. extra points if all member are in pic.
-pic of a team member standing next to road kill.
-go to a store and find an item that starts with the first letter of each team members name. take a pic of member with their item found.
-pic of members running the bases at baseball field. extra points if all members are in pic.
-pic of all members on a slide
-pic of members building a pyramid in a parking lot. extra points if all members are in pic.
-pic of all members with feet in water (puddle, lake, river).
-pic of a plane flying in the sky.
-pic of a tombstone with one of your team members names. team member must be in pic with tombstone
-pic of a tombstone with the birthday of one of your team members. team member must be in pic with tombstone.
-pic of members up in a tree. extra points if all team members are in tree.
-pic of out of state license plate
-one team member find another person that shares their name and take a pic with them
-find a local street sign that is the name of a another texas town
-pic of all team members in costume. extra points of the team does the entire hunt in costume (you will know from pics)
-pic of one team member being hand cuffed and put in the back of a police car.
-pic of team doing Zumba w/ Mrs. Lori at Lori's dance studio!

To our friends.....THANK YOU for making this birthday special for Garet!!!! We love you all and enjoy growing OLD with you!!!! Love you!!!!