Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do you like to people watch???
I sure do!!
On our trip, I would get comfy in my chair.....
and hide behind my big glasses and entertain myself!!!
Meet Flow! Flow is from Argentina and she is on staff at the resort! She is precious and very good at her job!! Garet loved playing beach volleyball with Flow and I wonder why....
Flow doesn't wear very many clothes!
Her bikini bottoms just drove me crazy!!
Don't they look sooooo uncomfortable???
I just wanted to pick them out for her!!!
This is Ryan aka "pretty boy"! My boys loved Ryan! Ryan is from England! I asked Ryan how he ended up working at a resort in Mexico all the way from England. He said he came to Mexico on a "boy trip" and fell in love with a Mexican girl! I thought....note to "boy trips" to Mexico for my boys!! ha!
The first morning we were there, I was fixing my breakfast and Ryan comes be~boppin through and asked me if I wanted to stretch with him! I lost all focus....I thought he was a time share person! Then I find out he is in charge of organized activities at the resort! ha!
Meet Dave!!!
Dave came to the resort with his daughter! They stayed one week...he fell in love with the place and the people....they cut him a deal and he has been here for one month!!!!
This man was by himself...all alone!
He came out in the morning and rubbed himself down and baked all day!!!
All day!!!
This couple was adorable!!!
They were from Scotland!
They did these funky stretches and yoga together EVERY morning!!!
They were old and I loved watching them!!!
We learned in VBS this week that we are all special and unique! We all have a story!!! God made us all different!
I'm NOT making fun!
I just like to people watch!!!


Lisa Mae said...

i'm laughing so hard right now!

Anonymous said...

so does this mean bikinis are still ok at 70 something :) and we have something to hope for...HAHA....kl

Farmgirl Paints said...

I love to people watch too. How can Flow stand having that giant wedgy??!

So neat that you have gotten to know the names of those people. Cool!

We start VBS tonight. I'm really excited for the girls.