Saturday, June 5, 2010

More to share....

We stayed at a family resort in Cancun.
It was not at all in the heart of Cancun.
It was on down the coast...kinda isolated, but that's what I wanted!!
In most of the pics you can see Cancun actually in the background!
This place was great for us! Very quiet...only afew families around!
It was perfect! The staff was amazing...very friendly!
It was like a "home away from home"!
Ola! Como estas!!!
This is where I hung out during the day!
Pool in front of me....beautiful scenery all around me....waves crashing under and sailboats coming and going from the marina quietly!!!
Ahhhh....Mexico, I miss you already!!
My boys LOVED the swim up bar!!!
They drank 4,367 shirley tempell's!!!
I'm not kiddin!
There was activities throughout the entire day!
You could jump in any time you wanted!
They were line dancing here!
Do you notice my child front and center?
We played games on the beach.....
We rode the hobie!!!
This is actually Garet leaving with a family from NY!
They went way out and got to swim in the deep blue!
We played beach volleyball!!
There was water aerobics!!!
Can't wait to tell you about all of our new friends!!

We watched SpongeBob in Spanish!!!
The staff filled the pool with water balloons and we had a GIANT water balloon fight!!!
(Yes, that is a beautiful 9 month pregnant lady in a bikini! Sickening, huh? I'm just jealous!)

The adults were acting like crazy people and it was hilarious!

Water volleyball!!!
Auburn is the white boy in the was our first day!!
We would spend half the day at the pool and beach and we would walk to the water park in the afternoon!!!
It was brand new and so nice!

Fun in the sun!
We learned to kayak!!!
Peyton had it made!
It's harder than it looks, but we got the hang of it!

Basically, we were out in the sun from 7am until dark!
The boys did not seem to mind!!!


Lisa Mae said...

fun! yes, that 9 month pregnant lady makes me a bit jealous as well.

Lisa Mae said...

what in the heck was she traveling away from home when she was 9 months preggo anyhow?

missy said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! What was the name of the resort?