Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Canning can make you CRAZY.........

Things I have learned about gardening and canning......
When cucumbers start producing......THEY PRODUCE!!!
When you have cucumbers multiplying overnight....it does NOT take long for them to start running out your nose, ears, etc.
Do NOT start canning at 7 at night!!! NEVER!!!!
Canning pickles is a very LONG process!!!
When you live where I live, ALWAYS make sure you have your canning ingredients BEFORE you start canning!!!
Lime is hard to find and when you do find it.....they are sold out b/c everybody and their brother and mama are canning just like you!!!
If I had to sell these 6 jars.....you couldn't afford them!
Canning can make you insane!
Canning can make you say and think things you shouldn't!!! ha
Canning is hard work, but strangely fun!
You live and learn!!!


Jana Corley said...

So are you ready to can again? Ha!! I love it!