Friday, April 17, 2009

One BIG Easter Celebration....

Beware...very long post ahead....sorry! We celebrated Jesus for days! We celebrated at Ms. Connie's. We celebrated with the Roses and we celebrated with the McCoy's!
Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!
Daniel and Peyton checking out their Easter eggs after the hunt!
Daddy gets lots of lovin from the bunny! I wonder who that is???
Running, skipping, hoppin with the bunny!
Here comes Peter Cottontail!
Peyton and Lane pose with the bunny!
Meet Kyndall! This is one of Peyton's special friends! I told them I wanted to get a pic of them before we left! They threw their arms around eachother and posed! So sweet!

We were able to spend half of Easter weekend with Auburn's family and half with my family! Auburn's sister, Angela, headed up their community Easter celebration! I managed to get a pic of her running around! This girl is amazing and has the biggest heart of anyone I know! Lots of work so that others will hopefully come to know JESUS!!!! So, we had lots of free food, jump castles, face painting, clowns and Easter egg hunts! Thanks Aunt Angela!
This is the expression you get from a 36 yr. old MAN trying to seesaw with his son! hehehe!
Shelling fresh green beans for Easter dinner! I'm so weird.....I love doing stuff like this! Auburn's mom, Dorothy, isn't doing so well! I will always cherish the moments like these!

There was lots of good food!!!!
My nephew, Evan, was the Easter bunny at the community celebration today! We made him get dressed again so that we could take cousin pics! He looks thrilled, huh? Thanks Easter bunny!

The only one dressed for the occasion was my cute, little nephew....
Cullen!We ended a great day by visiting with old friends!
At my mom's....the boys are putting their Easter story cookies in the oven and sealing up the tomb!
The Easter story cookie recipe is amazing!
I totally recommend it for teaching kiddos all about Easter!
We celebrated Christs resurrection and my mom's birthday!
No, my mom isn't a zero! We had a six candle and a zero. She doesn't want to be 60, we just used the zero! We are very informal! Love you mom! Happy birthday!

Celebrating with family!

The Easter bunny visits!
After a wonderful lunch, the guys watched the Lastros! (jk...I know it is early in the season!)
We dyed Easter eggs!
We had a Eater egg hunt!
(hot, hotter, no cold, real cold!)
We played "monkey in the middle"!
(OK, OK, THEY played....I watched!)
It stormed Easter morning, but turned out to be a beautiful day!
Thank you Jesus!
A few pics before we all head our separate ways!
Aren't Grandma's amarillo's pretty?
The gang's all here!

A very informal pic of my fam!
Tattoos and sweaty, dirty boys! What more could a girl ask for?
Excuse the ears....I was pretending to be a Playboy Bunny for one day! HA!


Lisa T. said...

another fam event we missed out on. boo-hoo! looks like fun!

carrie you make me laugh! you are one funny cookie (last pic)...

The 5 of Us said...

Well, we really enjoyed spending time with you all. Awesome pics and editorial as always. Love your stories.

freida0838 said...

Thanks for making my holiday so eventful, even through the storm and the song."Up from the grave He arose" and the sun came out, we all received a message from your Easter story. God is Great!!!!!!!Even Lachel,Tim,Macy & Major were able to leave their loved ones bedside, that is so critical. Love, Aunt Freida

ko said...

love all of your pics. :)

jen-c said...

Hey girl, it's me, Kyndall's mom again!! I love reading your blog. You are too funny. That picture of Kyndall and Peyton is so cute. I would love to get a copy of it. I hated it that i couldn't be there for the party, but Heather got a few pictures, too, so that was neat that I was able to see her having so much fun.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...
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Queen of the Misfits said...

My son wore that same shirt on Easter, the brown and blue striped one your son has on in the see saw pic. Walmart special! -at least ours was! lol. Looks like yall had lots of fun!

MamaBird said...

Glad you all had a wonderful Easter....I've heard of the Easter story cookies but never made them...can't wait to try them next year with J!