Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LOOK....I got crafty!!!!

We had a little shower for a sweet friend of mine tonight! I have seen these diaper cakes and thought they were sooooo CUTE!!!! So.....I made one myself and it turned out super cute! I'm not braggin....just proud of my non~creative self! For a little moment....little moment.....I almost wanted another baby! Smelling all of the powder filled diapers brought back precious memories!
Peyton asked why I was smelling the diapers with a look of concern on his face!
He asked, " You like the smell of POOPY diapers?"
Back to reality!


Erica said...

Hah oh that Peyton! You go crafty girl!

Lisa T. said...

non-creative self???? huh???? you are one of the most creative gals i know!! awesome job sis! where are the pics of the curtains?

spanki said...

really? non-creative?? who are you talking about? you are so crafty! and patient! man, that is a bunch of diapers...ohhh takes me back....and now i have a migraine! it looks great!