Monday, April 6, 2009

A Donda update....please keep praying!

(The Dr. ran tests this week and they determined that Donda had afew arteries in her neck that were twisted which caused the blood clot, which caused the stroke! Pretty scary, huh? Here is an update from my Aunt.)

Hey Everyone,

Thanks again for all the prayers, Donda, and our family can definitely feel them.

This is day 8 in ICU and she did well this weekend. She had a tiny improvement every day (ie her speech seems a little better, her double vision goes away for small periods but she has it more often than not, and her right ear could hear for a few minutes yesterday, all good signs!). The care is still wonderful, they turn her alot and keep a good eye on her and her medications. Of course it is hard for her to rest because they are constantly checking on her and messing with something. She could use a REALLY good nights sleep. She is still able to eat finely chopped food carefully so that is really good. Hopefully she will be able to eat more of it soon. They have her sitting in a chair today (mon) for the first time so that is a huge! She even moved her left hand a little today YEA!!! She CAN feel everything on her left side she just can't move it.
We are praying the medications start really kicking in to dissolve the clot and take all the swelling away and, of course, for complete healing from head to toe.

Her favorite thing to do right now is listen to her wonderful, sweet, husband Chris read the bible to her. She LOVES that!

Thanks again for all the love, prayers and support you are sending our way. We can feel every single bit of it. And we pray that GOD blesses all of you that

We don't know what tomorrow holds but we know WHO holds tomorrow.

Love to ALL of you, PLEASE keep praying!

Donda, Chris, Justin, Garrett, Maria and Ti Ti, Blaine, Lucy and Daisey
Darrell & Wanda Nunley
The Damon Nunley Family
The McCoy Family