Thursday, June 5, 2008

Meal In One Summertime Squash Casserole

Look at all of those potaters! Grandpa Bailey says potaters and tomaters! Cracks me up!
Yes, the back of the truck is full of new potatoes!
My sweet friend, Pam and the HUGE squash!

Peyton and Daniel in Grandpa Bailey's garden. Folks, this is not in Iowa, this is right across the street! His garden in simply amazing!

Several of you have asked for this recipe this week. So, I decided I would post it and you could print it off!
Summertime Squash Recipe

Boil squash and onions until barely tender. (It takes several large squash and a large onion)

Drain well and salt and pepper to taste.

Brown 1 lb. ground beef.

Mix all of the following together with the above ingredients. ( You need a large pot! )

1 stick butter
1 can rotel
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can chopped green chillies
1 can crm. celery, chicken or mushroom ( We use celery!)
1 cup grated cheese or Velveeta ( We used Velveeta ~ the whole thing! Yum!)

Stir until cheese melts and soups are heated.

Put into greased 9x13 dish.

Top with bread crumbs and lots of cheese.

Drizzle butter on top. ( When Mom and I made this, ours was alittle watery. We didn't do the butter. Just use your own judgement.)

Bake 350 for 30 minutes! Enjoy! Thanks Aunt Freida for the yummy recipe!

Stay tuned this weekend for yummy blackberry recipes...thanks to my sweet friend Denise!


Lacy said...

Looks delish....I love squash and am going to try it!!!


What kind of squash? Sounds good. Cute pics.

Sada said...

Precious - what a charmed country life! I LOVE squash. I'm going to write the receipe down!

Robin said...

Mmmm, Mmmmm...I have my shopping list ready and can't wait to make this recipe. It sounds DEE-LISH! Thanks for sharing!

spanki said...

yummm! sounds like a great recipe! yes... we are here...again!! i didn't know that you were at vbs! cool! the boys said that a lot of people keep saying they've known them since they were babies! they are LOVING it! now it's my turn.. i'm ready to scrap and walk and learn how to cook!! have you been scrappin? we need to make a once a month scrap!!

spanki said...

notice i said scrap and nothing about the working, you can see where my priorities are!!!