Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Abilene...Here We Come!!!

Well...We are off! Ready or not...Here we come!!!
The boys and I are headed to Abilene to see my sweet sister and her adorable family!
We get to meet our newest member of the family...Mr. Canon!
When I say the boys and I, I mean.... me, Garet and Peyton!
I've never been on a road trip this far with no other adults!
I really don't know what interstate to head to first and I can't read maps!
Maybe you should start prayin now!
Seriously, I'm a little worried!
Hope you are having a great week!
Blog to ya later!


Sandel said...

are you there yet?????

The Rose Fam said...

OMG...Is that really you Denise on my blog? And you worried about me? I feel so loved! Yes... I made it all by myself. Well, with the Lord's help!

Sandel said...

Well have fun cooky carrie!!!!! OMG I blog stalk you all the time goober!!!

Robin said...

hey girl...thought I'd wish you a fun, safe trip, but I don't want to interrupt your conversation here with your blog stalker, I mean my sister! LOL...Just kidding! You two crack me up. :) Anyway...glad you made it safely and I hope you have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see some pics of Mr. Canon (LOVE his name...too cool) :)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

if you keep driving north for about oh..3 days or ~2500 miles you can visit us in Canada! a wee bit cooler up here so hope you packed fleece!