Monday, June 16, 2008

HELP!!! This SOCKS!!!

We have this honkin problem here in the Rose household!
Everytime I do laundry...
I end up with this issue and it really SOCKS!!!!
Where the heck do they go?
I have like 20 socks without partners!
It's like we have a scary sock monster lurking around that knows exactly when I do a load of white socks!
Maybe I should call the exterminator!
Do you think Mr. Richard would assume I've lost my marbles?
We are NOT out of toilet paper at the moment!
We haven't put on a puppet show lately!
I haven't tied anyone up and gagged them today!
I'm still a B cup and haven't stuffed recently!
The boys are way too young for stuffing!
Maybe it's.... AUBURN!
Maybe he has a stuffing addiction!
Poor thing!


spanki said...

this is so funny! i was JUST talking about our socks too! i just threw every pair of socks that we owned in the trash, headed to wal-mart and bought all new ones! the twins now wear socks that are a little too big and baylen wears socks that are a little too small. why, you ask??... because they are the same kind and size, now my chances of having a matching pair are a little better!! too bad heath and i can't share! (that's a funny visual... heath W/ my feet or me with his!!!) good luck w/ this one, if you find a solution...let the world know!!!

Erica said...

Google sock clips, there are a few different kinds of clips that hold socks together when you wash and dry them like this one
Hope that helps!

Jana Corley said...

If you track down that darned sock monster, let me know! He stole some of our socks too!! My consolation is that my boys are growing so fast, I'd probably need to buy new ones anyway!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

thansk for your encouraging comment. you are a sweetie

socks -- i buy eveey kid hte same socks so that way they always match. we have three kinds of socks in the house

Hubby Socks
Mama Socks
Kid Socks

It sumplifies things for my simple mind.

Robin said...

Too funny Carrie...but in an "I totally understand" kind of way. We have a mysterious sock monster here too. One of us always seems to be short a sock after doing laundry. Go figure.

ko said...

Maybe this is happening to you for all those times you made fun of my SOCK pile! LOL! Good luck...IT NEVER ENDS....I have a "stranded sock" basket in my laundry room!