Thursday, June 26, 2008

Introducing... Mr. Canon!!!

Meet Canon Robert Tickner! Isn't he precious?
There sure is a lot of testosterone around here!

XOXO!!! He is so sweet!

A quick, surprise visit from Poppa.

A trip to the zoo!

Ladies...this is why we use Mary Kay anit-aging moisturizer! Yikes!

We love the Abilene zoo! You pay 2 bucks to get up close and personal with the animals!
This bear had some nasty teeth and bad breath!

Hangin out with the giraffe!

Holy cow! That is one honkin tongue! Wish I could use my tongue for an extra arm! Maybe I would get alot more accomplished!

We played some tee ball!

Silly faces and swimming!

Beautiful West Texas sunsets!

Making smores around Uncle Jeff's fire pit!

( Not pictured...Uncle Jeff! I'm sorry! I feel so bad!)
We had a great trip! Made some memories and just enjoyed what time we had together!


spanki said...

i never realized that you and your sister looked so much alike!! look at that! even your hands and the way they are resting on your legs... it looks like it is the same hand!! wow- that is so neat! glad to see you had a good visit and made it home safely! you are WAY more brave than i am!!

Jana Corley said...

Um...Carrie...I can blur that out for you with Photo Shop if you like.....I'm sure Garrett would appreciate it....:)

Erica said...

Looks like you gals and all those boys had a good time!

ko said...

well, i am so glad you made it! It looks like you all had so much fun together! I am so glad you got to see your daddy! That made my heart skip a beat! :) Take care!

Jana Corley said...

oops...I meant Peyton....Peyton would appreciate it....when he's older...and you're using that pic to blackmail him...

Lacy said...

I agree with and you sister even look like twins with your hair straight!! You make it look so fun with all of your great pics!!! :)

Robin said...

That Mr. Canon is so PRECIOUS! Glad you had a great trip...loved seeing all the pics...but had to adjust my blogger settings to allow for adult content. Just kidding. That nekkid pic is some SERIOUS blackmail material!

The Rose Fam said...

Since our world is crazy and there are child freaks out there, I've been encouraged by more than one of you to remove the naked picture! Isn't that sad? I'm sorry if I offended anyone! I just don't think about that kind of stuff. I'm dumb like that!

Robin said...

hey girl...I wasn't offended, but I'm sure Peyton will thank you ;) Isn't it sad that we have to worry about all the freakos out there?

p.s. I'll be in M-ville tonight and tomorrow J is coming up with Dadda...maybe we'll get to see you.

Alice said...

Carrie, Love the pics of your precious family. Looks like you made the trip with the kids all right!! For some reason when I saw those pics of Garet and the newborn I decided that you need one yourself!!!!! Love Ya!!

Sandel said...

Looks like a crazy time :)Hey when you bringing Rita over????? Oh and I do mean Aunt Rita.

Sada said...

What a great trip -- you take great pictures! So much fun -- I'm glad you posted b/c I was so confused when everyone was talking about naked pictures :)