Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who says Yard Sales aren't fun????

Well...... April, LeighAnn, Kathy, Dana and I have been hanging out for three days doing our yard sale! We have gone through all closets, drawers, garages, sheds, toy boxes, etc. We have sweated! We have froze! ( Nice Texas weather!) We have panicked about rain clouds! We have lost sleep! We have worked our buns off, BUT... it was all worth it! It was the best yard sale I've ever had! And we had fun while we worked!
I have to share a funny story..... Friday morning my "helpers" were tied up elsewhere! (Thanks alot girls!) It was looking like it was going to pour down, so we decided to just open up later that afternoon. Whenever we were all available to cover things in case it rained! I looked out my window and there were people UNDER the tarps! No kidding! You know how those serious yard salers are! So... I decided to tackle this task on my own! I opened up and it was crazy busy for hours! At one point I looked up and the "special people" bus stopped and 20 "special people" got off!!!! I thought "Oh dear Jesus... HELP ME!!!" (If you live here in Madisonville, it's the green and white striped bus!) They were all so precious and I enjoyed them so much! You just have to picture ME helping all of these special people at ONCE! Do you picture this? They all had their money out and they were ready to shop! One left with a toiletry bag over his shoulder! One left with a snowglobe of Houston, Tx.! One wanted to buy my Dish Satellite! One cute lady left with a hat on her head that once hung on my grandma's wall as a decoration!
This poor 1970's Santa wreath won the UGLY award at our sale! His poor nose got knocked off! He is now on top of the garbage can waiting to meet the garbage man Monday!

Poor Santa!

Look at these fruit loops! What was I thinking asking these girls to help me? ( Dana and Kathy having a good old time!)

Taking a lunch brake!

Look what I bought with my yard sale money!!!! All of the hard work "payed" off!!! Lots and lots of mullah!!!
I hope we have motivated you! When is your next yard sale?


Erica said...

Oh girl I am CRACKIN up!

The Three of Us said...

Oh, Carrie I'm so glad you are my sister! You seriously crack me up. I mean you turn every headache into a fun old time. Mom was keeping me updated on how much you made. I will have to call for a final amount. What a blessing!

Jana Corley said...

You girls had way too much fun!

ko said...

u r insane! those pics are hillarious! looks like you did well!!!! WOO HOO!

Sada said...

How funny!! I felt like I experienced it all with you by just reading about it. So much fun -- that is the way to yard sale!!!