Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fishin On Memorial Day!

On Memorial Day we took the boys out to Terry and Laura Dean's to go fishing! It was a fun time! I decided to actually fish. I have boys! I'm going to have to learn to like these outdoor sports! What does it mean when you can't move your arm for two days after fishing? Peyton was VERY interested at first!

After getting his fishing hook hung up for the 100th time...he gave up and decided to make friends with the bait!

It sure was hot!!! Next time we will have to start earlier!

Garet was the first to catch a fish!

YES...I even fished AND I caught something! OK...So, it's little, but it's something! (Yikes! I look really "butchy" in this pic! Not very girly at all! Oh well...I guess I look the part!)

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!!! (Just kidding!)
Every fisherman needs a break!

Not pictured....Auburn caught a HUGE bass! I saw it flippin around out there! His fishing pole was bent and he was having to use his muscles to reel that sucker in and all of the sudden it was gone! It broke his line and swam away, hook and all! Gotta hate it when that happens!

Hope your Memorial day was safe and happy! Thank you to those who serve unselfishly every day for my freedom!


Erica said...

Oh my you know your son is gonna kill you when he grows up and sees that picture of him peeing! haha

The Three of Us said... Auburn CAUGHT a big bass....where is the picture??? JT

Sada said...

too cute! You go girl -- get out there and get dirty :) Glad you had great memories and great fun!
P.S Sorry about the bass getting away :(

Robin said...

What fun! Love seeing you with your fish...and the pic of Peyton taking his break is priceless. You definitely need to save that one!

The Three of Us said...

I foresee many fishing trips in our near future! Guess I better learn how and find a liking for it. Or, we could always send the boys off and do our "girlie" things. I think I'm liking the second option! :)

freida0838 said...

The pictures are priceless, wished I could have been there. Where was MeMi? I thought she taught you to fish and ruff it outdoors!!!!!!!!
Garet in his suit looks so handsome.Capture the moments as they are growing so fast and Peyton is precious and of course Arburn and Carrie are the most beautiful parents in the world.Love,Aunt Freida

Hawaian Babe 2008 said...

i love the pics i would love to see u all soon and peyton and garet are getting so big