Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Auburn!

Happy birthday Honey! Hope this year is a HAPPY one for you!
Thanks JD and Allison for opening your home to ALL of us! Thanks friends for partying with us on a MONDAY night!
Grilled hamburgers ~ Chocolate sheet cake ~ Chickenfoot ~ Balderdash ~ MOFIA ~
Big Red on Potterybarn rug scare ~
Lots of laughs ~ Lots of little boys and little boy noises!
Big 36! ... 0r is it 35?
Thanks everyone for making Auburn's day special!

Good friends = Good times!!!

MOFIA minus LuLu! We missed you Lu!

JD and Mr. T grilled LOTS of burgers for us! Thanks guys!


Erica said...

Fun times! We must do that again sometime!

ko said...

It looks like you all had a blast! HOW FUN! Man ya'll are getting old!!! HAHA! Tell Auburn I said happy belated b-day!

The Three of Us said...

How were the chicken feet?? Sounds tasty! Jeff

Alice said...

Tell Auburn Happy Birthday for me!!! I hope it was 36. I won't feel so old. Love Ya'll. Alice