Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amber Alert!

OK... It's not Amber! It was Garet!
I had a very scary Mom moment yesterday. I hope I don't have another moment like this for a long time! You may ask, " Why is Carrie posting this?" I'm posting this because I believe that bad things can happen very FAST! I believe that we can't be to careful in this world that we live in today! I don't think we should freak out, but just be AWARE!
After school yesterday I was busy in the kitchen. I had about 10 things going at once. I was preparing hamburgers for about 25 people. Garet came in and said he was going to Andrew's to see if he could play. I said , "It doesn't look like anyone is home, but you can go see!" Garet has two little best friends that he plays with daily. They live across the street. We have lived in this house for four years and the kids are very close! They would play 24/7 if they could. It's not unusual to have 10 kids playing on our corner! It's a very busy place! I've never worried about Garet playing between the three houses. Between us, The Dukes and The Spillars... I know someone is watching. We have never had any issues. I know that I can look out the window and SEE the boys! Yesterday was different. It was VERY QUIET! It didn't look like anyone was home from school and work yet. BUT, boys can be hard~headed and Garet had to see for himself. I got busy and didn't realize he didn't come back home! I got ready to run an errand and I started calling for him. Nothing. Silence. Very Quiet. I walked to the end of the driveway and screamed louder. Nothing. I didn't panic yet! I thought maybe he had come back inside and was in his room playing his games. (Funny to think I would loose my children in this tiny house!) He wasn't here! I walked to the Dukes and started bangin on their door. Nothing! I walked to the Spillars and did the same! Nothing! I ran to the shed and his bike was gone! I started to panic at this point! Garet isn't allowed to ride in the street because we live on a very busy corner. I knew he wouldn't go off on his bike. I got into the car and drove up and down the rode... honking and screaming! Bad thoughts started to enter my little head. Panic mode was setting in! I couldn't breath. I couldn't feel my arms and legs! Auburn was on his way home from work. I called to tell him that I had lost our son! He told me to hang up and call the sheriff. Yes... the police! I was freakin! I was running down the street screaming like a fruitloop! I finally heard his voice! I can't describe the relief I felt! I was screaming, crying, thanking Jesus and cussing!!!!! He had taken it upon himself to visit a friend down the rode (out of his play territory) without letting me know! I don't even know the kid! Didn't know that he lived there! SCARY!!!!! When I got back home, the troops had been called in! Within 5 minutes, members of our church staff were pulling into my driveway! They had dropped EVERYTHING and come running! I love my church! I love my church staff! I love my christian friends! I love the body of Christ! JD kept me from killing Garet and he received afew lectures! Thank you Jesus for happy endings!

Did you know that my little town has 7 sex offenders within 1 mile of my house? When I researched this I discovered that I knew one of these men and didn't know that one piece of info. about him! Our world is sick and there are sick people out there that prey on little children! I was thinking of these sick people the whole 20 minutes I was searching for Garet! I'm not posting this to freak you out. I posting this to inform you! Do you know who your neighbors are? Do you know who your kids play with and who their parents are?
Visit http://www.familywatchdog.com/ and put in your zip code! It shows you their pictures, where they live, etc. Do your research moms! Keep your kids safe! Sorry for the long post! Just felt I had to share!


Jana Corley said...

Oh, Carrie! Unfortunately, I know how you feel! Once when Casey was about 4, he hid from me out in the "garage" of the house we were living in! He hid behind some lumber and under a box because he knew I would tell him to come in, and he was busy playing with kittens! I had the whole neighborhood looking for him and was at the point of calling 911 when Mike heard him move something.

ko said...

OH CARRIE! I bet you were so scared...I was getting sick reading your story! I amso glad you found him! I remember looing up that watch webiste...and it freaked me out too!!! I am so glad we have that at our finger tips..to check on!
love you

Robin said...

Wow...what a scare...I'm so glad that Garet was alright...now I'm off the check out that website...

Charlie's MOM said...

Man, that makes me short of breath just reading it! Matt researched the sex offenders before we bought our house. It's totally scary. It's nice to know help was a phone call away. So glad everything turned out ok!