Sunday, January 6, 2008

Looking back at 2007......

This is a recap of 2007... we did this as a family. Fun memories!!!

- Auburn ran the Houston Chevron Marathon!
- D-Now 2007 - "The Ball"
- Madison County Fair - Grand champion Pina Colada cake!
- I became a Mary Kay consultant.
- I subbed quite abit in the Spring.
- Game Day Central
- Camp 220
- Camp GAP
- Garet turns 10
-Peyton turns 4 - Wear your camo and bring your ammo!
- We celebrated 11 yrs. of marriage...PS...I love you!
- Connie is back in our lives
- Pathway Of Lights 2007
- Our miracle baby was born... Haden Nicholas
- The BIG Sonic SEX talk!!!!!
- deoderent and cologne
- army men
- UIL competition - Garet received third place!
- Soccer - Auburn coached Garet's team and it was
Peyton's first time to play any sport! Cute!
- Wrigley House B&B Brenham, Tx. - Girl weekend!
- Six Flags memories - So fun!
- Centex Supply
- MOFIA was established
- Sage - Our new puppy
- New bunco friends... crazy girls!
- My sweet 7th and 8th grd. Sunday School girls!
- Having my parents so close is AWESOME!
- Lots if Chickenfoot!!!

Although 2007 was a very good year full of blessings, the year brought some sadness, hurt, sickness and loss to our family! We are so thankful for our faith! I often wonder what people do without Christ in their lives on a daily basis, but especially when hardships come! We are so thankful that Christ had seen us through the hard times this year and he is ultimately the author of our future! We look forward to 2008 and everything that God has in store for us!


The Three of Us said...

We need to sit down and do the same thing. I enjoyed reading it.

cmiller2288 said...

Did not realize that all of that happened in 2007!! I enjoyed reading it & am so proud of you & your "blog". What a big girl you are!! Love, MOM

Kelso-Winter said...

Hi Carrie. Greetings from the frozen north. We got to your blog via a link on Denise's. You girls are having a blast doing this blogging aren't you? How fun this is to see y'all. .Hope to see you in person sometime soon. Tyler and Cody's GrandJane and GrandDad

The Rose Fam said...

Hey GrandJane! It's so good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by...feel free to drop by anytime! Yes...blogging is fun! It's a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, especially those far away! Hope all is well! Exactly how cold is it there? Tyler and Peyton are the best of friends these days! I'll have to post a pic of them for you! Take care! Carrie