Wednesday, January 9, 2008

IT"S A BOY!!!!!!

Yes... It's another BOY!!!!!!! My sister found out today that we will be adding yet another BOY to our family in late May or early June. Everybody is healthy and doing better. Lisa was very sick in the beginning, but she is doing better. Only sick in the evenings and not 24/7! We just know that Coy is going to end up with the little girls someday! Oh well! We love our little boys!


The Three of Us said...

Sis, I guess we were made to have boys! I believe God has given us a great responsibility to raise up men who know and love Jesus so that they may lead their own families in the same ways one day. So, here is to raising boys who love Jesus!

cmiller2288 said...

HOORAY for little boys!! We will just keep buying boots & guns for the rest of our lifes & save lots of money!! We wouldn't take ANYTHING for our little boys & looking forward to adding another one to our family!! Love, MiMi

shauna maness said...

my day has been made!! (brandon's will be too when he sees this!)
i LOVE IT!! i am going to stalk your blog sister!
your pictures are GREAT!
we miss you guys!

The Rose Fam said...

Shauna, What a great suprise! Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure you pros laugh at beginners like me, but blogging is fun! I've truly been secretly stalking you for about a year now! I was lost without your blogs this past week! You are apart of my daily routine! It's so good to hear from you! Give Brandon a big hug from The Roses!