Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ribbons, Ribbons and more Ribbons....

It has been a busy weekend and I'm pooped!!!
It's fair time and we have been busy in the kitchen! Peyton enjoyed pretending he was Ratatouille and Garet learned lots about canning! I'm so glad that my kids are apart of such great programs in our community! Programs that teach them life lessons! Programs that teach them about winning, loosing, college funds, following directions, etc.
Peyton wasn't too happy about his green participant ribbons! You win some and you loose some! He learned a lesson today!
Garet did pretty good! Two 1st place ribbons, a 2nd place and a 5th place! He will be selling his pineapple preserves at the auction on March 23!
It's been a fun day, but I'm so glad that it is over!
Night! Night!


Lisa Mae said...

Great job Rose boys!