Monday, March 8, 2010

Go away PINK~EYE!!!!

We are soooooo sad!
We have PINK EYE.......STILL!!!!!!!!!
I have had it for 2 wks. I was told it was allergies and then pink eye! Now Pey has a big, slimy, PINK EYE!!!!
O well! I'll take pink eye over puking!

On another note, I've been cooking this week!
I tried some of Gina's recipes!
This girl has some amazing recipes!
My family has been so excited and they are all WW recipes! Even better!
We tried her Shepard's Pie and my boys even ate the peas! Unbelievable!
We tried Chicken Cordon Blue.... no leftovers!
I made her chicken enchiladas last night and Garet thought I ordered them from a restaurant!
GO ME!!!!
O yeah, I almost forgot! I met Jill the morning! Go read her truly inspiring story!! She has lost 100 pnd. and was on the Dr. Oz show recently!
I need motivation right now and her story is so motivating!!!!
Happy Monday!