Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring Break!!!!

Fri. was a beautiful day!! I thought it was the perfect day for a fire, hotdogs and friends out at the land!
It was very last minute, but sometimes last minute plans are the best plans!
We ended up having a crew! (my camera!) The big kids had fun playing night tag!
The little kids were found laying in the back of a truck listening to an Ipod and watching the stars! So cute!
I learned alot about girls and their baby dolls! Dolls have changed over the yrs. This baby cries, talks, eats, wets and POOPS!!!! And look at that fancy stroller with a cup holder! Cracks me up!
The babies even seemed to enjoy the outdoors!
We will have to do this again soon!
Campfires have changed too! Trivia on the Iphone anyone?
Happy Spring Break everyone!
It's FAIR week! Here are our cute bunnies! They are so chubby! Check in and judging is Wed. morning!
Wish us LUCK!!!!!!

I tried two more new recipes lately and they are keepers!!!
My boys ate zucchini and spinach without asking questions....WHAT???

Provincial Chicken
Gooseberry Patch

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts2 15-oz. cans diced tomatoes2 zucchini, diced10-3/4 oz. can cream of chicken soup2 T. balsamic vinegar1 T. dried, minced onion2 T. dried parsley1 t. dried basil1 c. shredded Cheddar cheese1/2 c. sour cream cooked bowtie pasta.

In a slow-cooker, combine chicken, tomatoes, zucchini, soup, vinegar, onion and herbs. Cover and cook on low setting for 6 to 8 hours. Remove chicken, cut into bite-size pieces and return to slow cooker. Stir in cheese and sour cream; cover and cook an additional 15 minutes. Spoon over cooked pasta to serve. Serves 6.

Spinach Lasagna Rolls ~
You can find the recipe on Ginna's skinny recipes off of my blog.

Garet went back for 2nds and I asked him if he enjoyed his spinach...ha! This recipe was so easy and so good!
We are booking vacation tonight! Can't wait!
Have a fabulous day!


Lisa Mae said...

oh wow...the lot! how was that?

Lisa Mae said...

oh, and i will definitely be trying both of those recipes. maybe, just maybe i can get at least one of the boys to eat it. wish me luck! or better yet...say a prayer for me!