Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hoping for a CURE....

Thanks to those of you who placed orders for sweets!
If you did not get to will have other chances to help us out!
Meal Night ~ King Ranch chicken, salad and bread $35.oo. March 30! No cooking! No dishes!
More details to come!
Here are afew reasons that my heart is so burdened for a CURE this year......
Grandpa "Buck"!!!

My amazing Grandma who chose no form of treatment and passed away a short time later!

My sweet Mom~N~Law who is fighting for her life with every ounce of strength that she has!!
Mrs. Becky and her cute grandgirls!
Aunt Karla gave me permission to use your cute pic!

(Not pictured....Papaw Miller, Papaw McCoy, Karen, Mr. Rodney, Homer and Dr. Cole)

Be involved in Relay For Life!!!
Each lap gets us closer to a world with more birthdays!!!


Lisa Mae said...

Homer too!

100 pounds gone! :-) said...

Thank you so much! You are beautiful and have a beautiful family!!
Enjoy the journey~ Jill

Karla said...

Carrie, you are amazing!!! Thank you for everything you are doing to help with this cause. Already looking forward to March 30 for the meal...I want in! Katelyn continues her daily fight with neuroblastoma. Thanks to EVERYONE for their constant prayers.

Karla Medeiros