Sunday, January 24, 2010

Party over here....Party over there......

I'm sooooo EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have something worthwhile to talk about rather than PUKE!!!!

Heather over at ALL THINGS HENDRICK is amazing, brilliant, passionate, loves the Lord, etc. I don't know her personally, but I read her blog often! If you want to be blessed.....just go visit this crazy girl!

She has the BEST post today!!!!

A post about a PURSE PARTY!!!!!

The best part about this purse party is that you are supporting Haitian women and their sweet families just by purchasing one of their handmade purses! By purchasing one of the purses you could be supporting a woman for 5 months! My heart has been so heavy for Haiti! I would give anything to drop everything here and go to Haiti and help! BUT, since I faint at the site of PUKE.....I don't think they need me over there! I'm definitely NOT qualified!!!! I would love to adopt a Haitian kiddo, but that is not practical for my family right now either!!!! I want to do something and this is it!!!!

My friend Denise and I are hosting A PURSE PARTY!!!!!

I'm corresponding with a volunteer today from Haitian Creations and we are finalizing our party!!! If you are are invited!!!!! If you are not local.....check out this site and host your own PURSE PARTY!!!!!!!! What a great way to help out in really desperate times!!!!

We all love to shop and we all love purses!!!!

We all win here!!!!
Most importantly, Please pray for Haiti today!
We will let you in on all of the details very soon!!!!!