Monday, January 11, 2010

Did someone say PUKE???

I need to go to confession......and I'm not Catholic!
This is what I look like when someone pukes in my house!
I turn into a puke paranoid parent!
I can't help it......I'm a FREAK!!!!
I immediately break out into a cold sweat! If it's not 3 am, I'm out the door to Walmart to "stock up" on puking products!!!
Lysol is running down the walls of my house!
I start thinking about what I can feed the family just in case we all start dropping like flies!
This is NOT normal!!!
My oldest is laughing at me inbetween pukes!
This is not a laughing matter!
Why O Why am I like this????
I need help!


ko said... least you havent changed!!! LOL!!!! I am sorry someone is sick..especially the stomach bug...ughhhh....I keep Phenergen at the house at all times!!!! It is a life saver with the pukeys.....

Lisa Mae said...


ko said...

no it was the dog your Christmas card you had a cute puppy with i thought you might want it!!! :_

Kerry McKibbins said...

OMG, I found your blog from another one, clicked on it and burst out laughing at your puke picture. I can totally relate! Sorry you guys have the pukes. Good luck, lol. I'll be back. Thanks for the laugh.

Lucky Girl said...

ha ha ha! that's hilarious!