Thursday, July 30, 2009

A special request......

Meet Hilary, Brinson and Luke!
Aren't they beautiful?
Hilary is a dear friend of mine from my younger years...HA!!!
We lost touch and have reconnected on FACEBOOK!!!!
This is one reason that I really LOVE facebook! I cried and cried when she found me!
Luke (the little guy) will be having a kidney transplant on Aug.4 and Hilary will be the donor!!!!!
Please pray for this sweet family! Please pray for the actual surgery, for the Dr. and nurses and for a speedy recovery!!!! Pray that there will be no complications!!!
I so believe in the power of prayer.....thanks for joining me!


Sandel said...

we will keep them in our prayers, what a handsome boy.

ko said...

we will be praying for this family! :)