Sunday, July 19, 2009

She's crafty......

Meet my "new" table!!!
I got her FREE on the side of the road in someone else's trash!!!
Peyton cried and cried! He said I was going to go to jail because I was stealing! HA!
How do you explain that one?
She was really dirty and pretty old, but all she needed was some TLC!!!
We sanded her, primed her, painted her and prettied her up!!
I LOVE bead board and I loved the style!
I had a vision and I knew right where I wanted to put her!
She is now black with cute scrapbook paper and some funky knobs!!!

I think she cleaned up well!
Do you like my new lamp?
I got it half off at Hobby Lobby and glued this adorable HUGE flower on it!
Auburn says it looks like a head of cabbage growing on it, but I love it!
I think my little reading corner is super cute!
I will be adding ribbon to my lamp....I need another cute knob....and I need to put my families picture in the frame!!
Any suggestions???? I'm open for ideas!!!
I love turning trash to treasures!!!
Don't mind me if you see me digging through your trash!!!


Sandel said...

I think it turned out great!

Lacy said...

I agree with Denise...I want one!!!

Cherie said...

I am impressed--what a great project, it turned out so cute.. Good Find!!! Could you come finish some projects for me?

Lisa T. said...

love it! great eye sister!

The 5 of Us said...

Well that is definitely creative! You did a great job. I guess I need to start seeing things that way. I need some creative bones in my body.

ko said...

you did a great job! :) LOOKS AWESOME!

sara's art house said...

Love the new table to go beside your couch! SO CUTE!!!!! The scrapbook paper looks GREAT!