Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 11th birthday to our little girl a world away!!!!!
Our family decided to sponsor a child through World Vision about four months ago!
I never imagined the impact this would have on us as a family!
By sponsoring this little girl it has changed our way of thinking! We think of her when we sit down to eat and when we go to the refrigerator for a nice glass of clean water!
We think of her when we receive new shoes!
I believe that she has helped us so much more than we have helped her!!!
Our way of thinking has changed!!!
It has been a blessing!
(Not to mention all of the cute, pink, girly, fun things I've been able to mail to Zimbabwe!!! ha!)
Happy Birthday Love!!!!


Lisa Mae said...

this post made me smile!

ko said...

how cool! :) It's kinda like having "aubry"