Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wow....I've soooo missed blogging!!!!!!
Guess what???
I'm actually working....a lot!!!!
I really don't know how you women out there work fulltime... take care of the house... do the laundry... grocery shop... cut coupons... make wonderful meals... bake... drive kids here and there... do extra curricular activities... go to church... be involved in ministry...be a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend...exercise AND BLOG!!!!
As Beth Moore would say, "It's hard being a WOMAN!"
I hope you are GREAT!!!!
I have 2 things I want to mention.....
First, I'm looking for people who would love to be involved in our annaul Relay For Life this year!
If you want to involved, please let me know!
Celebrate~Remember~Fight Back!!!
We are creating our teams now and we would love for you to be apart of this with us!!!
You are invited to a Purse Party!!!!
March 9
Home of Denise S. ~ email me if you need directions! carrieboog@yahoo.com
Please come for a fun time of food, fellowship, shopping and prayer for Haiti! The purses have arrived! They are beautiful!!! Each one is different and unique...very well made...signed by the designer...and just SPECIAL!!!!
Please have a heart for Haiti and come shop!!!!
If you would like more information on this ministry...check out Haitian Creations and read about the purse party! ALL money raised goes right into this wonderful ministry!!!

Are yall ready for our winter storm????

We are kinda getting use to this, huh??