Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy birthday Lisa Mae!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister!!!!!!!!!
I love you!!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!
I wish I were there to celebrate with you!!!!!!!
She's beautiful, smart, creative, witty, hip, compassionate
and skinny!!!!
She's nothing like me.....HA!!!!!
I hope that you have had a great day Lisa and I pray God blesses you with many more HAPPY years!!!!!!!!
Look at these adorable baby burp cloths she just made for me!!!!
Yep, I told you she was creative!!!
They are adorable and one of the first orders she has ever "filled"!
Can't wait until she opens her Etsy shop!!!
All wrapped up and ready to go!
So special!!!
Hope you are having a great week!!!
I'm in Pre~K!
Lord have mercy!!!
Mrs. Flower


Lisa Mae said...

sniff, sniff!!! u totally just made my day sister! and u even did some marketing for me. thanks for ur sweet, sweet words. i love u a ton! we need to get a visit on the calendar.