Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Christmas Preview.....

Christmas morning at Uncle Coy and Steph's!
This is so out of order, but I wanted to share b/c it's FUNNY!!!
My sister and I have all boys!
Enough said!
Santa brought Nintendo DS's this year.
They liked them! Can you tell?
I haven't seen my boys in days!
Ready for school to start back!
Meet "BUD" the hamster!
Lovin the socks and lovin the snuggie!
Lovin the BLING the most!
So so excited!
I get a new sister~n~law!
Rocky was a hit for my nephew!
Look at those cute boys!
Cute PJ's, huh?
You too Jeff!
Canon is a cleaning machine!
Lord have mercy!
My husband only wears Wranglers, Cinch, TwentyX and Santa brought him some cool Old Navy jeans! He was doing a little dance for my sister...freaks!
Freaks...enough said!
Mimi and all of her boys!!!
Learning to play poker.....
with a very good teacher and our cheat sheets!!!
My niece Tyler!
I'm wanting her COOT hat!!!
Cutie patootie Cullen!
Grammy Rose and some of her grandkids!
We are so thankful to have had another year with Mamma Rose!
Hope you and your family had a sweet Christmas with family!
Dad, wishing you a speedy recovery and complete healing! Happy Holidays everyone!


MusicalMommy said...

Hey check out my blog too! It's all about being a mom and mom related things!

Lisa Mae said...

the scarf over the mouth was also due to people hacking without proper manners...ahem!

Carrie said...

O, are you sure? I thought it was the foul smell!!!