Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pathway Of Lights 2009

Well, I've spent this past week being Mary to a 12 yr. old Jesus! My scene took place in the market. Joseph and I accidentally left Jesus behind in Bethlehem! We didn't realize we had left our son behind until we had traveled for a day! I was one frantic MOM!!! We found Jesus in the temple with priests.....teaching!!! We found him in his Father's house doing his Father's business! Jesus was a gifted and special child! These sweet girls sold herbs all week!
The kiddos had a blast!
It took everyone to make this project happen! There was no small part!

I met new friends.....
and welcomed back old POL friends!!!
I got to play with my "real" 12 yr. old son!
Look...he looks taller than me! Yikes!
We pretended!
Hannah worked on this basket weaving skills all week!

I got to work with these crazy priests and men in the temple! They were not a very good influence on Jesus! I looked forward to a new prank each time we did it!
Gotta love those crazy guys!
Hanging out by the fire!!
It was really cold some nights!!!
The warm fires were nice!
Nice, but a little smokey!
I'm glad I got to run around screaming for Jesus instead of balancing a basket on my head!
Everyone worked so hard!
Shelby came prepared with her hot chocolate every night!
We really had a good time.....
telling the story of Jesus from his birth to his resurrection!
Thanks to everyone who supported and helped with Pathway of Lights 2009!
Thank you for walking the path with us!!!
It's a HUGE project! It's very time consuming!!! It's a HUGE commitment!!! You get to play in all kinds of weather.....sleet, snow, rain and fog!!!! It doesn't really matter if you are tired and don't feel good!!!!
The show must go on!!!!
What does matter.........
Knowing I have 55 new brothers and sisters in Christ because of a wonderful vision!!!!!
That makes all of the hard work worth it!!!
God bless!!!!!


sara's art house said...

How cute you all look dressed up! How fun!