Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas.....

Wow...what a busy weekend!
The boys got their Christmas trees lit and decorated!
On one side of the family our new tradition is to exchange ornaments with our cousins instead of presents! My boys love getting their ornaments out and they have quite the collection. We had to buy my little guy a bigger tree this year! He was so proud!

We went to our first gingerbread house making party!
It was so fun!
Thanks Donna and Rikki for making our party so special!
They were made out of school milk cartons, icing, graham crackers and lots of yummy candy!
I asked my oldest if he thought he was too old....he said, "Heck NO! I'm not too old for candy!"
(You never know!)
I think we are all kids at heart deep down!
Ty has the right idea!!!
Aren't they adorable???

Silly willies!!!!
Cara's gingerbread house was the "SHOW" house!!!
It rocked!!!
It was soooo cute!!!
We also went to our annual town Christmas parade and it was COLD!!!
(Yes, I'm married, but my husband seems to always have to work on special days! Thanks hubby for working so hard for us!)
Tis the season to be JOLLY!!!!
Gearing up for a CRAZY week!!!
If you are local, don't forget to call FBC and make your reservations to walk down the Pathway Of Lights! I promise it will be a treat and your heart will be blessed!!!!


Lisa Mae said...

okay that is funny...before i got to the part where you said you were married i had the thought where the heck is auburn, again?!?! miss seeing his face in pics!

Erica said...

I'll at POL this Friday night!

Lisa Mae said...

sad we will miss POL... i think we have been pretty much every year (almost), right? i think jeff always had jd mtg that time of the year in houston...not any more...

kathy said...

I FORGOT about the parade.....oh well looks like y'all had fun while I was snuggled up in front of my TV!

Lacy said...

That is the very best pic of you and Cherie!!!