Thursday, February 28, 2008

D-Now 2008 Weekend is here!

Kathy and Carrie D-Now2007 - We are crazy sisters in Christ! We are royalty because our Heavenly Father is a KING!!!

D-Now Ball 2007! Here I am with my Prince!
Well our big weekend has arrived! It's so much fun to work with the youth at our Church! We still get to act like big kids!!! I think we get into this stuff as much as the kids! Last year was simply AMAZING!!!!! We are looking so forward to what God has instore for us this weekend! Garet gets to participate, so.. it's a family affair! (Well, not Peyton) The warriors will be playing war on an isolated ranch all weekend and the ladies get pampered like queens all weekend! We will all meet back together for our BALL on Sunday night! As Christians... we are royalty!!! When our life here on earth is over, we get to inherit the kingdom of Christ! Isn't that exciting?
I always tell my girls, "I may not have a mansion here on earth, but my daddy has built me a honkin one in heaven." I WILL have my mansion someday! So... off to be a "Lady of the Court" for the weekend! Can't wait to post pics!
Lady Carrie Rose - (Has a nice ring, doesn't it?)


The Three of Us said...

How fun! What a great opportunity you have to love on girls. So excited for you. I will say a prayer for you as you minister and love on the girls. Can't wait to see pics. Oh, please inform your son of his diet this weekend! I keep thinking about that today after we talked this morning.

Erica said...

Yay I can leave you comments now!! I'm excited for D Now too! Your new blog background is the same as my myspace background, great minds think alike :)