Friday, February 8, 2008

Cozumel.... Here We Come!!!!!

Well, I can't believe it! We will be hopping on our ship tomorrow morning headed for Cozomel, Mexico! We have planned this for six months and the time is here! For thoses of you who know us... big vacations are rare! It's been hard for me to get excited about this the past two weeks with our family circumstances like they are! BUT, the time is here! We are going and I'm going to try to have a good time!!!!!

Am I going to build a sand castel? YES!!!!

Am I going to stay up later than 9:00? YES!!!

Are you going to find me and Cherie in the casino? YES!!!

Am I going to dance my booty off with my hubby? YES!!!

Am I going to snorkel? YES!!!! On a HUGE beautiful sailboat!!! Yippeeee!!!!!

Am I going to hang off the tip of the ship... like in Titanic? MAYBE!!!

Am I going to drink a margarita... or two? YES!!! Sorry Mrs. Harper!

Am I going to scare everybody off the island in my bathingsuit? PROBABLY!!!

Am I going to get a tan? NEVER!!!

Am I going to walk barefoot in the sand? YES!!!

Am I going to count points this week? NO!!!!!!!!!

Am I going to eat like there's no tomorrow? YES!!!!

Am I going to have sex on the beach with my husband? HE THINKS SO!!!! (Sorry Mom)

Well... there is ten million things left to do! Go figure... and I'm on the computer!!! I'm off to get my spray on tan!!! Have any of you ever done this before? I hope it doesn't wash off in the ocean! That's happened to me before with a bottle tan. My beautiful tan washed off in the Guadelupe River! I looked like a freakin orange zebra! I can't wait to post fun pics next week!


The Three of Us said...

So very excited for you guys. The timing couldn't be any better. We will have a fun time back in TX with the boys. Can't wait to see all of the fun pics. Love you!

ko said...

I laughed so hard when I read today! I hope you guys are having the times of your lives! I hope Auburn Gets his wish! :)

The Three of Us said...
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