Saturday, February 16, 2008

We are back on solid ground!

Bon Voyage!!!!

It was a gorgeous day when we left Galveston, but very foggy when we got away from the shore! Just thought this was a cool pic!

Sushi anyone? We ventured out and tried everything! Sushi, Squid, Escargo!!!!!

Isn't the water amazing?

The girls! This was our favorite place on the ship... the rear! The wind blew atleast 30 mph the whole trip! So the back of the ship was nice and peaceful! We spent alot of time here!

Formal night!

We ate and ate and ate some more!!! Four course meals three times every day! Time to start counting points!

This girl couldn't leave Mexico without getting her hair braided! I told the girls to say "cheese". They said no..."whiskey". Oh my!


Cool lighthouse in Progresso!

Checking out the culture in Progresso! Amazing little city! I love this pic!

Don't ask!!!

Kareoke! Elvis has left the building!


Conga line!!!!!

The whole crew got TATOOS! We may never be allowed to do marriage enrichment again!

Boo - Hoo!! We don't want to go home!!!

Goodbye Mexico! Until next time......
Sorry this post is so long! We had an amazing time! Lots of great memories were made! Lots of food and fellowship! Lots of new friendships! Lots of marraige enrichment! The study we did was fun... Men are like waffles and Women are like Spaghetti! Our Cozumel, beach and snorkeling pics are on an under water camera. I don't have any idea how to blog those! Seeing other parts of the world is amazing! We are so grateful we got to get away! Thanks to those of you who checked on Mom and the kids while I was gone! I so appreciate you and your friendship! Back to reality!!!!


teresa said...

Oh, Carrie. It looks like you all had an amazing trip. I can't wait to hear about it. Glad that you are back and to see that no one looked sick!

Lacy said...

Hey Carrie- Dean and Denise said they had so much fun on the cruise and showwed me some cool I wanted to check out how much fun you had too!!! You look very cute in all the pics and look like you were really having a blast!!! I hope it was phenominal.

freida0838 said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time as you very well deserved it. And was so glad every one piched in for your Mom, I'm glad for you to be in Madisonville, Texas. Glad your back though. Love, Aunt Freida

Sandel said...

I am so glad that you guys were able to go, I did miss you though. Your hair is "the bomb" as my brother would say. I love it

ko said...

luv all your pics! looks like u guys gad a great great time! i am so glad! you guys needed it! i hope auburn got his wish and you got yours too! :) HEHE!
Glad you had fun!

The Three of Us said...

I LOVE all of the fun pics. Looks and sounds like you guys had a great get away and a well deserved one. We must go on one together with the fam in the future. I so needed my dancing sister with me on our last cruise. I was out there all by my lonely self.

The Three of Us said...

Did you have sex on the beach?