Tuesday, March 4, 2008

D-Now weekend 2008

HOT Senoritas having a BALL!!!

I loved my fan! Can you tell? I played with it all weekend! People, I don't have girls! I have to play when I get the chance!

The Ladies of Espana!

The coronation service!
Who says you can't play when you get old? Why don't we have afternoon tea in the US?

Our cute Sunday School girls! Aren't they precious?

Noon tea anyone?
OK... So, who says you can't be a tough princess?

Tug of war!!!! Go Espana!!!!!!

Garet represented Scotland in a wrestling match between the squires.... and he WON!!! I guess Monday night WWE has paid off! He was so excited and I was a proud Mom!

Watching the Royal Tournament! We were cheering for Espana! There was archery, catapult, sling shots, wrestling matches! It was a blast!!!!

Garet was the squire for Scotland. He was incharge of protecting the flag all weekend!

JD ~ "The King"

Peyton and his dad.... The Barbarian! Yikes! You can't see this very well, but Auburn had Hannah Montana hair coming out of his helmet. He had a long Barbie doll tail. So funny!

The throne was symbolic for our King! The Royal Ball was in honor of our Lord and Savior!
So cool!

Me and my date! Auburn was unavailable for pics! I'm so sad, there was a big smudge on my lens and I didn't know about it for awhile! So, excuse the SMUDGE!

Mason, Sterling, Grant and Garet ~ This makes me want to CRY!!!! My little boy is growing up!

My familia! Auburn from Germania, Garet from Scotland and Carrie from Espana! We were all traders this weekend!

Miss Thang ~ Erica Lynn!!!

The lovely Pam of Scotland and I!

These guys were up to no good! Can you tell?
Peyton was is on this weekend too!The End!
What a spectacular weekend! It was go, go , go and I"m so pooped, but it was so worth it! There was worship and truth, lots of art projects, morning tea, the coronation service, the Royal Tournament at the Bailey Ranch, and the Royal Ball all in one weekend! The theme for the girls this weekend was art... painting, sculpting, collages and photography! The girls got to do each of these art projects and it was tied into a lesson. Each one of us have been created and sculpted by God's hands! We are his masterpiece! Our lives are to reflect our creator! There were great lessons for even old people like ME! There was even an art gallery to display our art! It' was unbelievable! I went back to being a kid again! We stole flags from other countries, we maxi padded cars in one of the other countries and the war started! Have you ever maxi padded cars before? I've learned from a dear friend... don't maxi pad cars when it's going to rain... they absorb well and don't come off very easy! Love ya Steph!
"Then the King will desire your beauty. Because He is your Lord, bow down to Him." Psl.45:11


The Three of Us said...

Oh my! How fun! What a special weekend. How did Garet like his diet for the weekend?

teresa said...

Oh Carrie, I loved the pictures. Now I see what I missed. What memories you guys made!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great! I think we need to have a tea for the grown-up ladies! Wouldn't that be fun!--Jana

Erica said...

Oh how I had such a good time with you and the girls of Espana!

Anonymous said...

OMGG( Oh my goodness gracious)!!!!! ;-) Scottland is so much better than Espana. Yall didn't even steal a car or anybody!!! We held yall in the middle of the drive way for a hour!!( poor Mrs. Sindy) You didn't even get away with our flag!!! It's okay I still love you!!!!! ( Thanks for the make-up)
;-) Hannah ;-)

ko said...

looks like a blast!