Friday, April 23, 2010

Past Night and the American Cancer Society!!!

My team has been hard at work raising money for Relay For Life!!!
My heart just smiled as families drove through last night to give their donation and pick up a meal for their family!!! We even had meals donated to needy and hurting families! Meals were bought and taken to familes that are currently being affected by cancer!!!
(Team memebers that helped w/ this project but not pictured are Deborah and Whitney Robinson and Deanna Mills.)
I love my community!!! I love that they are giving back!!! Thank you!!!
Look at these beautiful roses that showed up on my doorstep this morning!!!
I love sweet thoughtful friends!!!
What a nice way to start my day!!!!
I think we all need to spread a little kindness today! Go do something sweet for someone else!


freida0838 said...

Carrie, you are very special to me. Thank you for working so hard to stomp out cancer. Thank you for all your hard work you do for your home, school, church and family. I love you as u put a smile on my face every time I see your picture.

Carrie said...

Aunt made me cry!
Love you too!!!

Karla said...

Carrie, I called Roxanne at The Meteor on Friday and she went out that afternoon for an interview with William, Christa, and Katie. The article, I think, will run next week. Thanks again for everything!!! YOU ARE TERRIFIC!!
Love, Karla