Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun in Fredericksburg....

This past weekend I had a great weekend with my Mom and sister in Fredericksburg!!
No husband, no kids, no schedules......absolutely no plans!!! It was amazing!!!!
This was the adorable house we stayed in!!!!
If I could have any house in the world....I would choose a house just like this!!!!
All of the little details just made this weekend special!
The backyard smelled like rose and it was so cute!!!
Lisa and I had the upstairs loft!!! Look at just screams DARLIN!!!!!!!!!
I love little spaces with lots of CHARM!!!!
This little house was full of CHARACTER!!!!!!
We rested!!!!
We rocked on the front porch!!!
It did rain, but we didn't let it rain on our parade!!!!
There was a doodle~bug event last weekend in Fredericksburg!!!
There was every kind of doodle~bug....every color, every shape and every size!!!
Did you ever play doodle~bug when you where little??? You know, where you punch your friend when you see a doodle~bug??? Well, we had to call truce after I punched Lisa twice and she almost broke my finger!!!
We people watched!!!!
Lord have mercy!!!
Where is What not to Wear???
A white undershirt, bathing suit and boots ladies!!!
We ate lots of yummy food!!!
Look at the LOVE!!!
Heart shaped butter and look at my soup!!!!
We laughed....
and giggled
and acted really SILLY!!!!!!!!
We visited the Wildseed Farm!!!
Have you ever been there???

We took lots of pretty pics in the flowers!!!!

Time to say Good~Bye!!!
It was great to get away from all of the BUSINESS!!!!
Happy birthday weekend MOM!!!!


Lisa Mae said...

i want to go back! you think we could get away every month?!?!