Friday, April 9, 2010

The longest post eva.....

I was so proud of my cute little nests!!
There was so much good food and I wonder why I can't loose weight!
The cousins!!!
The giant blue suckers that turned the boys into SMURFS!!!
Does anyone remember the SMURFS or did I just date myself???
Hot mama's!!!!!!
We were cheering our frisbee players on!
Frisbee golf anyone????
I have never heard of this, but the boys had a blast!!!
Mom's special cake!
April is a month of celebrations for our family!
My Mom, Dad, Cole, Jeff and Steph all have April bdays!
Peyton ~ 6, Cannon ~ 1, Garet ~ 12, Cole ~ 5
Mimi with her boys!
The grown~ups!!! Well, some of us!!!
The Tickners!
My fam!
Coy and Steph!

On Easter, we went to church with my inlaws!
We had a yummy Easter dinner and a fun egg hunt!
I just love this pic! It's really special to me!
Last week, my mom~n~law had a stroke and we discovered that the cancer is back in her brain.
BUT, she celebrated Easter with us!
Some of the grandkids!
Mama Rose with some of her kiddos!
She is the reason that I'm working so hard on Relay For Life this year! I see how she has suffered for 12 yrs. now. Though we do not know what to expect from day to day with her battle....there is one thing I know for sure! The good Lord has the perfect homecoming planned for her someday and until then.....we will enjoy the time that we have left!
Only God knows when that time will be! He must not be through with her yet!
Hope you and your family had a very HAPPY EASTER!!!
He is RISEN!!!