Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saying "Good~Bye" to Summer and "Hello" to a new school year!!!

Saying Good~bye to fishing on Monday nights!
Peyton caught 4 this particular evening! Lucky guy!
Saying Good~bye to nice, quiet evenings!
Saying Good~bye to my coffee partner!
Peyton is the only one who will drink coffee with me around here! I sure miss him!
I guess his teacher probably wouldn't appreciate him drinking coffee and going to school! HA!
Saying Good~bye to summer sunsets!

Saying Good~bye to HOT summer days spent in the pool!!!!
Saying Good~bye to our secret summer spot!
Saying Good~bye to sand, waves and sun!!!
Auburn sure was a trooper!
He was buried alive!!!
Brotherly love!
Saying Good~bye to sandcastles!
My hubby did pretty good, huh?
The summer went by way too fast!
We have been through a lot this summer! Not fun stuff! Dealing with sickness, death and divorce is NOT fun!!! Hoping for a happier season in life!!!
We didn't get to go on vacation due to various things going on, but we made the most of the time we had together!
Hello Kindergarten!!!
Peyton headed to Kindergarten!!!! He is so ready!!!!
Hello early mornings!!!
Early to bed.....early to rise!!!! They look tired, huh???
Hello Jr. High!!!
Garet headed to Jr. High!
We had a great first week! Both of the boys are loving school! I hope we finish the year with this much excitement, enthusiasm and energy! New schools, new teachers, new friends, new goals, new activities, new desires....don't you just love new beginnings???
Speaking of new desires....I was able to be apart of Beth Moore's simulcast this past weekend!!!
Beth Moore ROCKS!!! I was soooo blessed!!!!
I've been down in the dumps lately and boy did I need to hear what she had to say!
It was a message of hope, encouragement and renewal!!!
"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalms 37:4
I turned my computer off for 4 days. (gasp....I know!)
I've been still and quiet and focusing on the desires of my heart!
Hope you are having a good week friends!