Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trying to laugh to keep from crying.....

These two = trouble!!!
You never know what they may do!
This past weekend was my Grandma's funeral. Friday night was visitation and this was Peyton and Cole's first funeral to attend.
Considering the circumstances, the visitation went well. The environment was peaceful, lots of visiting with old friends and family and we even had our old family movies playing! The sweet people at the funeral home made the boys right at home....putting them in a room with bowls of candy and plates of cookies.
During visitation, someone noticed Peyton and Cole (my nephew) sneaking through the room, peeking over the casket and running out. They didn't act scared or worried...they looked like they were up to something. They were running back to the room with all of the goodies and laying perfectly still on the couch! Their eyes were closed and someone asked what they were doing. They said, "Playing dead like Grandma!"
Oh my!
I just want to say "Thank You" to all of my sweet friends who have gone out of their way to be the "hands and feet" of Jesus!
I'm blessed!


kyley said...

ahhhhhhh...what a memory.....

Hey did you post something on my last post under the name Garet? I just like to make sure! Thanks!

ko said...

you know what this made me think of something...when I went to my grandmothers funeral when I was in the 8th grade....after I went to look at the casket ( yuck) I came back..sat down with my mom and said "mom, now I totally know where I got my big lips from..mimi) It was something I will never forget!!! You will probably have this memory forever! Something to make you laugh!

Lisa T. said...

love them!

fkkrodz15 said...

Out of mouths of babes!! This was awesome they were not afraid that is because their parents are doing an awesome job with them! Way to go Lisa & Carrie!! This cracked me up when Auburn told me about them! If we all think & love like children! They teach us not to take life so seriously!!!

It was a beautiful service and glad we could make. Praying for continue peace and comfort for all of you!!

Love to you all

Renee said...
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